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Contact Information
Email : eyesight@siloam.co.kr

Address : Siloam Eye Hospital
181 Deung Chon-Ro,
Gang Seo-Gu,
Seoul, South Korea 157-836

Telephone : +82-2-2650-0700

Reverend Sun-Tae Kim’s new book "The Boy in Search of Heaven’s Light" has recently been published in English. In his autobiography, Rev. Kim shares the trials and tribulations that led him to God and the tears of joy and sorrow that accompanied him on his amazing journey of faith.This is a wonderful opportunity for youth groups and sunday school members to share and experience one boy’s calling to become a Christian and to dedicate his life to becoming a faithful servant of the Lord.

You can follow the link to download a free PDF sample of the book containing the first 4 chapters. If you would like to order a hardcover version of the book, please email or write us at the addresses listed below. The cost of the hardcover book is $10 (including shipping & handling). All proceeds of this
book go to support the work of the Siloam Eye Hospital founded by Rev.
Suntae Kim.

“If I had never resolved the pain I received through poverty, discrimination and many forms of abuse, my heart would have languished in hatred toward the whole world throughout my life.”

Rev. Sun-Tae Kim
Founder & Director of the Siloam Eye Hospital

“The Boy in Search of Heaven’s Light is an autobiography of Rev. Sun-Tae Kim, who is known as Korea’s male counterpart to Helen Keller. This book contains the remarkable story of Sun-Tae Kim who through his trials and triumphs became a source of inspiration and hope, providing comfort and courage to innumerable people around the world.“

Rev. Su-Young Lee
Senior Pastor of Saemoonan Presbyterian Church

“I would like to recommend to you this beautiful book about Rev. Sun-Tae Kim’s childhood. It teaches us how to transform our darkest despair into a vibrant and exuberant hope. this book is absolutely good guidance for life. If each of us could learn to overcome our difficulties through aith
and perseverance like the young Sun-Tae, we will all be blessed with a miraculous life.”

Rev. Jang-Hwan Kim
Board Chairman, Far East Broadcasting Company, Korea